Snowman Family Blocks

Welcome to the 12 Projects of Christmas 2019! Beki and Todd have put their elf hats on and have been working hard in the Vectric Grotto Labs designing, machining, assembling & finishing 12 FREE projects as a special Christmas Treat from all of us here at Vectric for our loyal customers! All the projects are based around Christmas gifts or decor where we will be launching a new project each and everyday running from the 1st-12th December.

I thought it would be fun to make another project that would be fun for all the kids and grandkids out there!  I Don’t know a child out there that doesn’t like stacking blocks and project brings that and add in a bit of festive magic. 

This little Snowman Family is easy to make and even more fun to rearrange and mix up.  You might want to even create new faces and bodies that better match your own family. Maybe add in a family pet or favorite toy, just make an extra-large block and add your vcarved image.  

I chose to only use mineral oil as a finish, but I have a feeling my children would have had a blast painting these up to look like our family!  Holidays are a time for making special memories and doing things together.  We hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday making some very special moments!

which Vectric software do i need to be able to open the free project files?

Versions 10+ of the software

We’ve recently updated your V&CO portal account to include all of the free content available to you in one place. To download the free project files and the full instructions for this project or to take a look at all of the other free content available to you simply login to your V&CO account below:

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