Stacking Christmas Tree

Each year we release a selection of festive free projects to give you access to some CNC gift and decoration ideas ready for Christmas.

After what has been an incredibly difficult two years for many households, we would like to extend the sentiment of our usual festive projects to those in need of some extra kindness this Christmas. With that in mind, the Vectric elves have been busy in the workshop and we have launched the Vectric Christmas Toy Shop.

This year we have created six free project files, all of which are all compatible with our free trial software meaning they can be machined by anyone with a CNC machine around the world. All of the projects will be gender-neutral toys aimed at a variety of ages.

Join us to spread some kindness this Christmas and gift a unique toy you've made to someone who needs it most. Tag us on our social channels, use the #kindnessthischristmas or post your project on the Vectric forum so we can see how yours turned out.

Stay safe & Merry Christmas

From Beki, Todd, and Everyone at Vectric

There are toys that you get for Christmas that seem to disappear a few months later. Either they get misplaced, forgotten about, or get broken. Then there is one every so often that seems to defy the odds and becomes a favorite lifelong friend. Maybe it is used every day, or in the case of the one I’m thinking of, it gets packed away every Christmas to re-emerge the following year to be played with and put on display.   

In our house, it's a miniature wooden sleigh, two and a half reindeer,  and a few blocks painted like gifts. My son loves it, but the set initially came with a wooden Christmas tree puzzle that could be stacked and unstacked for more fun and help complete the scene. I think it's time to replace it with a new one.

This fun and simple-to-cut Stacking Christmas Tree Puzzle project was created with a few of the shape creation tools included with Aspire and the moulding toolpath. It can be finished simply with a child-friendly clear finish or painted to look more like the real thing. Any way you do it, I'm sure it will be a gift that the youngster will appreciate and look forward to using every year. It will be made with wood and tons of love, so surely it will stand the test of time!  

I hope this project inspires you to share some #kindnessthischristmas and gift this Stacking Christmas Tree Puzzle to a little one near you! 

Have fun, Merry Christmas & keep safe! 


Which Vectric software do I need to be able to open the free project files?

Versions 11+ of the software

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