The REAL Box Turtle

I’m Michael Tyler and since January 2011 I have been creating Vectric’s Free monthly projects. I’ve made everything from spring wreaths and mantle clocks to snow sledges and cheeseboards.

Did you know there are already over 100 projects free for Vectric customers to take advantage of and we’re working on more every month! Each project comes with the file(s) for you to download, along with a PDF document that highlights some of the key important steps to help you get through your project. Plus all free projects since 2018 come with their own video that tells the story of the project from start to finish.

This month’s project is a REAL Box Turtle (so sorry for the pun - ummm, not really)! 

I figured, why not make a “box turtle” instead of just a regular box? I made some sketches of a “cute” turtle caricature and created a functional “dad joke” project!

Fun to make, this unique novelty item is a “box like no other” and should bring a smile to all who see it!

Aspire features used while designing include import a bitmap photo of my own box turtle sketch, Drawing and Node editing tools, Interactive Trim, Weld Vectors, and Modeling and Sculpting tools.

which Vectric software do i need to be able to open the free project files?

Versions 10.5+ of the software

We’ve recently updated your V&CO portal account to include all of the free content available to you in one place. To download the free project files and the full instructions for this project or to take a look at all of the other free content available to you simply login to your V&CO account below:

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