Faszination Modellbau

Absolute passion for the miniature. On land. On the water. In the air! As the leading international exhibition for model railroading and model building, FASZINATION MODELLBAU is Europe’s most popular and attractive event for all model builders. And this year’s event will be very special because, together with its fabulous model building community, the exhibition will be celebrating its 25th anniversary from the 1st through the 3rd of November, 2019. This will be celebrated in a spectacular manner with numerous highlights, new products, world premieres and action campaigns. After last year’s record-breaking attendance amounting to 53,000 visitors, fans from all model building segments are looking forward to the big anniversary celebration on Lake Constance where Germany, Austria and Switzerland meet. Once again, more than 400 highly motivated national and international exhibitors will present everything the miniature world has to offer their fans – live and in colour, including Steampunk at Echtdampf-Hallentreffen, the cultural event for steam locomotive fans. 

Since its inception in Sinsheim in 1994, the unique atmosphere of FASZINATION MODELLBAU as a hands-on exhibition has been based on the wonderfully unconventional and exceptional interaction of the brand-name exhibitors’ high-quality product presentations for the specialist audience and the accompanying creative and inspiring, participatory activities of the clubs and associations for the whole family. Clearly structured and ideally coordinated on the exhibition grounds in Friedrichshafen – in nine exhibition halls and two foyers, in the large indoor open area and on the cool outdoor exhibition lake, as well as at the unique air strip – outfitters ranging from major market leaders and brilliant small series manufacturers right on up to well-assorted accessories specialists will all come together to present the diverse range of services of the model building industry. 

This extremely comprehensive event with a focus on high-quality, functional model building unites a variety of segments including aircraft model building, model railways and steam engine model building, truck and military model building, plastic and cardboard model building, as well as car and ship model building at an ideal location – demonstrations of remarkable aircraft models, in particular the “Stars of the Year” flying show which is highly regarded at the international level, daring RC racing cars, courageous RC slow flyers, magnificent sailing yachts and ship regattas on the 400 square metre water basin, shipyards, hissing iron horses, classic railway beauties, dancing snow groomers and mighty power drones, as well as powerful high-tech trucks and excavators in miniature and even micro formats. Tinkering, talking shop, designing, trying things out, marvelling, shopping and playing bring people together! Visitors from all over the world stroll from hall to hall, get involved spontaneously or purposefully at the numerous booths and stations, shop, marvel, joke and enjoy the entertaining and splendid miniature universe on Lake Constance for three days. 

Messe Friedrichshafen
Neue Messe 1
88046 Friedrichshafen

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