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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What are the bulk ordering discount for partners?


We offer 30% discounts for orders of 5-9 products or 1-4 Aspire licenses, and 40% discount for orders of 10+ products or 5+ Aspire licenses.

What are the license terms?


The license for all of our software packages is a single user one.If you have exclusive access to the computers on which you wish to install the software, you can install the program onto more than one computer, (up to 3), provided that the software is only used on one of the computers at any one time by the same person.If access to any one of the computers is shared with work colleagues, or anyone who is likely to access the software, then it should only be installed onto one computer.

How do we use the admin partner system?


We offer a full guide to the Portal system for Admins here: If you have any questions not covered here, please contact

Ordering Process

How to order, pay and receive license


To order your software licenses:

  • Send an email to stating the product type and volume eg.
    • 1x Aspire
    • 5x VCarve Pro
    • 5x Cut2D Desktop
  • Vectric will process the order and send you an invoice with payment options
    • Bank transfer - (preferred)
    • Pay Pal
  • You will need to make payment
  • Vectric will verify receiving the payment
  • Vectric will upload the licenses to the partner portal
  • Vectric will send an email confirming the licenses are available for allocation

To view and allocate the licenses you or one of your staff would need to have 'Admin' rights. Please request

Allocation of licenses


The 'Manage Licenses' page displays a list of all of the licenses which are currently available for allocation. The allocation process generates a link for you to provide to your customer. This link will allow your customer to register their software with Vectric so that they may:

  • Download the software they are entitled to
  • Access their unique license code

What licenses are available to allocate?

On the 'Allocate Licenses' page you can see a list of all the licenses that are available to allocate. Additionally you can see all of the licenses that you have previously allocated.

Ordering single licenses


Once activated as a Single License Purchaser, click on the Partner Dropdown Menu and select Purchase.

You can now select the product you wish to purchase.

Demo license

How long does my demo license run for?


The Demo license is a rolling 6 month license which you can see the remaining time by going to the “Help Menu – About” to see the remaining days until renewal.

Where can I get my latest demo license?


The latest demo licenses are found on the V&Co Portal accounts for each Demo User.

They are found under the software downloads section in the same way as the customers personal licenses are stored. The only difference here is the demo license time remaining is listed next to the demo software entry.

A new set of demo license codes will be added when the current codes expire within 15 days. Vectric will not send an email to confirm new codes - please log into your account when ready.

My demo license has run out


Demo licenses are automatically updated on your customer portal account, so do sign into to access your latest demo licenses.

Customer experience

Demonstrating - How to access and learn about the software


Vectric offer full demo licenses for the staff of their partners to use for their own personal use and to demonstrate the software to customers.

Each demo should be installed only on the computer used by the demo license staff and CANNOT BE SHARED, SOLD or DISTRIBUTED to anyone else.

This can be a PC or Laptop which the demonstrator can use in a show room to work with a possible customer, to show them the process of working with the software to create designs to machine.

How do I allocate a license to the customer?


  1. Log into your portal account (Admin role only)
  2. Click 'PARTNER'
  4. Click 'allocate a license'
  5. Select the product
  6. Enter the number of licenses to allocate (default: 1)
  7. Add Notes - Ideally enter customer email address
  8. Click 'Allocate'
  9. Copy the content to your email/document
  10. Send email to customer
How to help the customer


For all issues the customer should contact the Vectric support team (

For a license issue:

  • State their OEM Bundle ID (eg. ABCD OEM - 017)
  • Clearly outline the issue

For a technical issue

  • Customer should have registered the software
  • Customer will contact from the email address used to register the license
    • If the email address is no longer used - they should supply further information
      • OEM Bundle ID (eg. ABCD OEM - 017)
      • Company Information
      • Previous email address
  • Clearly outline the issue

Using the Software

How do I learn the software?


The best source of information for learning our software is our in depth tutorials which can be found via the software help menu - Video Tutorial Browser, or through our main website under the Support heading.

We also maintain a large back catalogue of our older videos on YouTube here along with the latest video releases.

Video tutorials


We have created over 90 hours of free video tutorials enabling users to learn how to use our software in their own time. All of the tutorials have been created to be followed along with step by step and learn at your own pace. Each video is full of useful hints and tips to get users started with the software and get the most out of it.

Free Projects


Here at Vectric we love to make and we are here to provide users with a FREE monthly project that you can download and cut themselves. Each project comes with its own video that tells the story of the project from start to finish. Including technical software footage, machining the parts in the Labs, finishing the projects and I’ll throw a few tips in based on my experience!

I have found a bug


  1. Please be sure that the issue is repeatable
  2. Send email to with
    1. Project file
    2. Relevant information
  3. OEM support team will validate the bug
  4. OEM support team will report the bug to the development team
  5. OEM support team will reply to you with a known issue number
  6. OEM support team will advise you when the bug has been fixed